November 2017 – The Two Sounds of Your Gong

The Gong is renowned for its complexity and multiplicity of sounds, and its ability to create an incredibly rich soundscape.

Yet there are are only two basic sounds the Gong produces: Fundamental Tones and Harmonic Overtones.


The fundamental tone is what we consider to be the voice of the Gong, an almost deep consistent sound that sustains over time. A good way to experience the fundamental sound of the Gong is to strike one (or several times very slowly) slightly below and slightly off-center for a flat gong (as are most European gongs and the Chinese gongs) and on the raised boss, or nipple of an Indonesian gong.


Mehtab has been playing the gong since 1974 and has trained yoga teachers, therapists and musicians around the world in the art of playing the gong. He is the originator and author of Gong Yoga, the first book on using the gong in the practice of yoga and has since written two additional books on the gong; Teaching Gong Yoga: Theory and Practice and Gong Therapy: Sound Healing & Yoga. Mehtab has taught Kundalini Yoga since 1974 and has trained hundreds of Hatha and Kundalini Yoga teachers. He was a featured instructor in the University of Texas Master Class series where he played the gong and lectured on the practice of yoga. A certified Vedic Astrologer and trainer, Mehtab also offers astrology readings for clients to help them in their selection of Planetary Gongs.