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COMING SOON! The training is suitable for sound healers, yoga teachers, gong players, and therapists from all backgrounds, and will give you the tools and information to conduct one-on-one private sessions for individual clients as well as using the gong therapeutically in a group setting.

In this course with Mehtab, you will learn:

  • The relationship between healing, sound, and the Gong
  • How to interview a client for a gong therapy session
  • What methodology to use when structuring a gong therapy session
  • How to arrange the gongs and clients for best results
  • Gong playing techniques for therapy
  • Integrating and closing a gong therapy session
  • Selecting and using specific gongs for therapy
  • Using the breath, body positions, hand mudras, mantras and visualizations to enhance the therapy session


The online course illustrates gong therapy practices, including setting up the gong playing environment, playing the gongs, and facilitating client preparation and integration for one-on-one sessions. The training is self-paced and may be reviewed as you wish.


*Gong Practitioner Certification Course Required


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Mehtab has been playing the gong since 1974 and has trained yoga teachers, therapists and musicians around the world in the art of playing the gong. He is the originator and author of Gong Yoga, the first book on using the gong in the practice of yoga and has since written two additional books on the gong; Teaching Gong Yoga: Theory and Practice and Gong Therapy: Sound Healing & Yoga. Mehtab has taught Kundalini Yoga since 1974 and has trained hundreds of Hatha and Kundalini Yoga teachers. He was a featured instructor in the University of Texas Master Class series where he played the gong and lectured on the practice of yoga. A certified Vedic Astrologer and trainer, Mehtab also offers astrology readings for clients to help them in their selection of Planetary Gongs.